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I don’t remember a time when I’ve felt as much ‘us versus them’ as I do now. It’s not a good feeling either, even when I’m convinced that my point of view is the right one. ūüôā

There’s no debate to be won. Debate, contentiousness, and the need to prove one’s point of view only deepens the chasm between them and us, and within ourselves. And for me, that sense of separation is painful and a signal hinting that there’s a better way.

My Focusing mentors, Peter Cambell, Ph.D. and Edwin McMahon, Ph.D., tell the story of how they discovered their path for supporting social change.


The Chasm is Psychological & Social

Early on they realized that their mission was to encourage peace, but how would they proceed? They discovered that their path would involve the transformation of individuals, rather than political action.

They understood the psychology of how individuals project onto others what they can’t face in themselves. This is part of the mechanism fueling the ‘us versus them’ contentiousness.

Their approach was to teach individuals how to be with their own inner truth, the good, bad, and ugly. This inner work through Focusing reduces the need to project and add to the chaos, while at the same time it opens hearts.


The Chasm is also Biological

If peace with your fellow humans wasn’t enough motivation, consider the life-sapping influence that emotional defenses have on your physical and emotional health.

Hidden emotions are the prime triggers of the stress response, which fuels muscle tension, inflammation, anxiety, and everything unlike normal healing and repair processes. When you inhibit normal healing and repair, illness is the result. According to the NIH unresolved stress is the leading cause of illness in the U.S.

My favorite approach for inner healing centers around the Focusing process. You may have processes or activities that work best for you.

My suggestion for all of us in these turbulent times is to do what we do best to heal the divide, both inner and outer.

A follow-up post will address action steps that emerge from a place of inner balance.

Stay tuned!


About Dr. Templin

Steven Templin, D.O.M. treats the stress-induced roots of most chronic pain, anxiety, and illness with Bio-Energetic Focusing combined with Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Energy Medicine.

He translates emerging research in the fields of Epigenetics, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Energy Psychology, and Functional Nutrition into effective self-healing practices that you can perform at home.

You can work with Dr. Templin in his Lakeland office, or via online video conferencing. You can visit his website at www.stevetemplin.com and contact him via email at drtemplin@gmail.com.

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