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SomaSensing Coaching

Dr. Templin’s Acupuncture and SomaSensing coaching program teaches individuals how to balance their own emotional energy (chi, prana). Energetic balance, in turn, balances our physiology, including the autonomic nervous (ANS) system that’s responsible for our overall health and well-being.  While emotional blocks impair the functioning of the ANS, emotional energy balancing restores ANS function.

This program provides a collection of energy medicine skills that can be learned. Some of the skills can be applied in minutes, while other more refined inner attention skills require practice over time.

With greater emotional and nervous system balance comes a growing sense of inner peace, authenticity, and purpose. 

Stress-induced nervous system impairment turns out to be the primary cause of most illness. The NIH states that 85% of doctor and hospital visits are for stress-induced illnesses. 

Dr. Templin has validated this work with thousands of hours of heart rate variability studies and positive patient outcomes.


The Benefits  Emotional Energy & Autonomic Nervous System Balance

The Resolution of pain (headaches, migraines, body and joint pain) and inflammatory conditions

Healing the gut microbiome and various G.I. conditions

Effective treatment for anxiety, depression & PTSD

Positive neuroplasticity & brain repair

Effectively Resolve Hpyertension

Enhanced creative expression

Prevention of illness

Allergy desensitization

Autonomic nervous system integration

Increased happiness and mood stabilization

Improved cognitive, athletic, and artistic performance

Improved interpersonal communication & relationships


The Elements of the Acupuncture & SomaSensing Program


Polyvagal Theory is the work of Stephen Porges, Ph.D. Polyvagal Theory gives us a clear understanding of how stress results in illness and most importantly what we can do to heal ourselves. This theory of brain, nervous system and bodily functioning reveals that a viable path to system-wide healing should begin with the brain and vagus nerve, rather than with a focus on symptoms.

Acupuncture Energy Balancing (Traditional, Microcurrent, and Laser) is achieved in the office by a variety of methods, including acupuncture needles, touch, tapping, electrical stimulation, or low-level laser. Guided laser acupuncture is also used for self-treatment at home. Dr. Templin guides patients with the use of their own inexpensive laser to balance their own meridians. The acupuncture meridians can also be balanced with the application of essential oils and Bach flower remedies.

The Work of John Sarno, M.D. and his discovery of MindBody Syndromes, specifically Tension Myo-neural Syndrome (TMS), has shed enormous light on the role that stress and hidden emotions play in the creation of chronic pain and illness. Dr. Sarno’s insights contribute to the theoretical foundations of this program.

Positive Psychology is an emerging field that offers the tools and supportive science for how to change the physical structure of the brain (neuroplasticity) to enhance our health and happiness.

Interpersonal Neurobiology is the work of Dan Siegel, M.D. Interpersonal Neurobiology helps us to understand how a change in attention styles transforms our body, mind, and spirit.

Epigenetics is the new science that validates how lifestyle … especially what we think, believe, feel and eat … drives the expression of the genes that ultimately determines our health and well-being.

Focusing was created by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in the 1960’s. A variation of Focusing was developed by Edwin McMahon, Ph.D. and Peter Campbell, Ph.D., as Bio-Spiritual Focusing.  Learning Focusing involves a new way of experiencing your inner life that transforms suffering into thriving. 

The Focusing process assists in balancing left and right brain activity, creating more synchronous brain waves, enhancing heart-brain coherence, and in creating order in the autonomic nervous system.

HeartMath techniques come from the Institute of HearthMath and their pioneering research. Dr. Templin incorporates this vital work that focuses on the interaction of the human heart and brain and their roles in self-healing.

Breath Training combines Eastern and Western breathing approaches to balance the autonomic nervous system, normalize oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and to resolve many of the biochemical, neurological, and emotional causes of illness.

Expressing Writing and journaling practices are taught that support the resolution of the suppressed emotional energy that often underlies chronic pain and the symptoms of chronic illness.

Energy Psychology is a combination of awareness based processes and acupuncture point stimulation that Dr. Templin has successfully integrated and tested over his thirty years in practice. The therapeutic cornerstones of the process are Acupoint stimulation, Somatic Focusing, and HeartMath science. 

Energy Psychology involves the mind (focused awareness) and the body (acupuncture point stimulation with laser, touch, or tapping) to effectively and often rapidly support healing a variety of mental, emotional, and physical issues. An article that provides a comprehensive overview and collection of research on Energy Psychology, or EFT Tapping, can be found here.

Havening is the work of Ronald Ruden, M.D. Havening research provides a detailed understanding of how gentle, self-applied touch helps with restoring more balanced brain chemistry and with the resolution of emotional trauma.

META-Medicine is based to a large extent on the work of Geerd Hamer, M.D. The essence of META-Medicine is that suppressed emotional energy is the primary driver of organ dysfunction and ill health. This system offers a roadmap for therapeutic intervention by documenting the interrelationships among varieties of emotional conflicts, brain relays, and organ dysfunction. This system also incorporates aspects of Family Constellation theory, where we unknowingly carry patterns of unfinished emotional experience for other family members.

Nutritional Support is provided to ensure that key nutrients that support the reduction of pain, inflammation, and mood disorders are provided. Special emphasis is given to gastrointestinal support.

Dr. Templin has validated these Self-Regulation processes through thousands of hours of heart rate variability assessments and positive patient outcomes.


“Your physically felt body is, in fact, part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people, in fact, the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as it is felt from inside.”

Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph. D. Author of Focusing



To contact Dr. Templin for an appointment call 863-838-2779 or email him at drtemplin@gmail.com.


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