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If you’re anything like me, this year’s ever-escalating political debate is taking its toll. I’ve done some digging and found supportive research showing that we’re not alone.

The National University for Terminal Stress (NUTS) has published a timely study revealing an election season upsurge in stress-related illness.

The study reveals that roughly an equal number of Democrats and Republicans have reported to emergency rooms with a similar litany of stress-related complaints that’s being called ‘Bipartisan Syndrome’, or BS for short.

It seems that BS is the only thing that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on this election season.

On the other hand, Green Party members who as a matter of principal don’t believe in hospitals, are treating their distress with a combination of therapeutic juicing, the ‘occasional colonic’, and affirmations.

For the majority of the electorate who would most likely prefer a pharmaceutical solution to their election season woes, there’s hope on the horizon.

Final FDA approval is just around the corner for the anti-stress drug Justopitol.  A researcher was quoted saying, “Justopitol works by anesthetizing pretty much all of the brain, a lot like vodka, only much more expensive.”

I’m not suggesting that drugs are the answer. However, I have to admit that ‘breathing exercises’ have their limitations.



If it turns out that you have an allergy to Justopitol or an impulse to vote for the Libertarian candidate, lasting more than four hours, discontinue Justopitol immediately.


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Steven Templin, D.O.M. treats the stress-induced neurological roots of most chronic pain, anxiety and illness with Neuro-Reset MindBody Integration combined with Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Bio-Energetic Medicine. Here is a 4-minute audio recording about the Neuro-Reset training.

His approach is a comprehensive mind-body program that achieves results where alternative health approaches, along with conventional drug and surgical interventions fall short.

He translates emerging research in the fields of Epigenetics, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Energy Psychology, and Functional Nutrition into effective self-healing practices that you can perform at home.

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