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Acupuncture & Vagal Rx Coaching

The Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit Program for Releasing Chronic Pain, Anxiety & Depression

What do chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, IBS, insomnia, PTSD, autism ... and most chronic conditions ... all have in common?

If you have been living with pain, anxiety, depression, or illness that has failed to respond to either medical interventions, dietary changes, or natural therapies it’s likely that the primary cause of your health complaint has not been addressed. 

Natural therapies like healthful diet and proper nutrition have little chance of providing lasting relief if the underlying cause of illness has been ignored.

Emerging science like polyvagal theory and epigenetics shows that stress, even from childhood, disrupts our physical health and emotional well-being because it impairs the function the of the brain and the vagus nerve. 

This change in vagal function is a powerful cause of much pain, emotional suffering, inflammation, and all varieties of illness … because the vagus nerve has a governing influence on your immune function and all of your organs. The stress response impairs the functioning of the vagus nerve and that in turn becomes the primary source of symptoms. 

This new, life-changing science is being ignored in favor of outdated approaches that continue to focus on the treatment of symptoms rather than on the underlying neurological roots of illness.

Fortunately, you can learn to restore vagal tone (normal vagal activity) to improve your own health and well-being. A combination of inner awareness skills, breathing techniques, touch, and movement can be learned to reset vagal tone on yourself or a loved one. The self-help skills that are necessary for enhancing vagal tone and resetting brain function can be learned in the Vagal Rx program.

Having a straight forward, scientific understanding of why you are ill and how you can get well can add greatly to your peace of mind, and confidence in your ability to heal.

You can schedule Acupuncture and Vagal Rx Coaching sessions with Dr. Templin in his office

or meet with him online for Vagal Rx Coaching and guided Laser Acupuncture!


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