Acupuncture, Neuro-Reset Integration, and Nutrition


 for the Treatment of Chronic Pain, Illness & Anxiety



Have you been living with a condition that has failed to respond to either medical interventions or natural therapies?

If that's true for you it's very likely that the root cause of your pain or illness hasn't been addressed. 

Clinical experience and a wealth of studies show that toxic stress and adversity from childhood is the primary factor that makes adults more vulnerable to chronic pain, inflammation, and illness.

The National Institutes of Health states that 85% of all illness is the result of how chronic or buried stress impairs our biochemistry, immune system, and brain function ... leading to chronic pain, inflammation, and illness.

When this root cause is successfully addressed all other therapies ... like diet, nutrition, and detoxification ... begin to produce desired and lasting results. This is due to shifting the brain and body into a more resourceful self-regulating and self-healing mode.

Still, most treatment approaches ignore this information in favor of outdated, unnecessary, and ineffective treatments. It's no wonder that these conditions and the medications used to treat them are at an all time high.

To summarize, an accumulation of toxic stress and early adversity impair the body's natural self-regulating, or self-healing ability .... leaving us even more vulnerable to the influences of current stress and more vulnerable to the experience of pain, inflammation, and illness.


New Scientific Support for Self-Healing  -  Brain Neuroplasticity


The solution is a mind-body focus on triggering brain repair (positive neuroplasticity) and restoring the body's natural self-regulating capacity.

This allows us to heal the stress-induced brain changes and accompanying adrenal gland imbalances that ultimately perpetuate most chronic pain, inflammation and illness.

I offer the neurological understanding and most importantly the clinical support and personal instruction that's needed for resolving health concerns at their roots with my Neuro-Reset Integration process.

Neuro-Reset is a collection of therapeutic tools that I've collected over thirty years in private practice that stimulate brain repair while supporting the resolution of buried stress and trauma.

In addition to the Neuro-Reset collection of therapeutic tools, patients are supported with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Therapeutic Laser, Nutrition, and Energy Medicine (color therapy, sound therapy, Flower Essences, etc.).

My goal is to help patiets transform suffering into thriving with the support of new science (Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Quantum Physics) self-empowering treatment, self-regulation tools, and patient education.


Here is a 4-minute audio recording providing an overview of the Neuro-Reset process.

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The Surprising Research on Chronic Pain & Illness


The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) studies show how childhood stress is a primary cause of chronic pain and illness in adulthood.

Chronic Pain is perpetuated by stress-induced changes in brain function.

The brain creates excess muscle tension and lowered oxygen levels that result in pain.

Chronic pain is rarely the result of the structural (discs, joints) changes that are commonly blamed for pain.

Pain is mistakenly blamed on structual changes that are normal (and harmless) signs of aging.

Stress-induced changes in brain function disturb the functioning of most glands and organs.

The true cause of chronic pain ... mind-body interactions ... often goes untreated in favor of ineffective, outdated, and costly treatments.


Stress and Your Brain  -  Chronic Pain and Illness


The nature of the stress can range from ongoing everyday stress related to work and family to emotional shock and trauma from any time in our lives. Early family life, along with physical accidents and injury, are also relevant sources of brain altering stress.

In my thirty years of clinical practice, I've found that buried, unresolved stress is the most overlooked and ignored cause of pain, illness, and interrupted healing processes. Fortunately, an abundance of research is now confirming this observation.

Stress-induced brain changes create ongoing muscle tension and tissue oxygen deficits that contribute to most chronic pain. Sress upsets the immune system, disrupt normal digestive function, create hormone imbalances, anxiety, depression, addiction, and much more. 


Acupuncture & Neuro-Reset Treats a Wide Variety of Symptoms


Dr. Templin combines Neuro-ResetAcupuncture, and Nutrition to successfully address an astonishing variety of physical and psycho-emotional disturbances, including:

Pain - Joint & Back pain, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Headaches - Migraine

Mood - Anxiety, Depression

Hypo-Thyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue

Inflammatory Conditions & Autoimmune Illness

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Hormone Imbalances

Cognition - ADD/ADHD, Foggy thinking, Memory issues

Insomnia - Sleep disorders

Gastrointestinal - GERD, Colitis, Leaky gut, Dysbiosis

Emotional Stress, Addictions, Phobias & Trauma related Issues

Weight issues - Blood sugar imbalances - Cardiovascular issues

Immune disorders - Allergies




Brain Disorganization - A Surprising (and treatable) Cause of Pain, Anxiety & Illness


Stress, trauma, and shock, undermine neurological balance and throws the system into a disorganized and reactive state that can trigger an exhaustive list of symptoms including chronic back pain, anxiety, hormone imbalances, headaches, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, and allergies.

These neurologically driven symptoms respond unsatisfactorily when treated solely with dietary, nutritional, or physical interventions because the primary cause (neurological disorganization) for the symptoms isn't being addressed.

These very common, but frustrating conditions, are often called Limbic Impairments, Tension Myo-Neural Syndromes, or MindBody Syndromes. Regardless of what they're called they make up the majority of chronic pain, and chronic physical and emotional health complaints and are being treated inadequately. 

Based on this new understanding of the brain's role in the cause of illness, balancing and healing the brain becomes the number one priority for healing a multitude of chronic, distressing and often baffling symptoms.


Neuro-Reset Integration - The Missing Link in Natural Treatment


What is Neuro-Reset Brain Integration?

Neuro-Reset is a brain integrating therapy and training based on thirty years of Dr. Templin's clinical experience. It's also validated by the emerging brain science of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Neuro-cardiology, psychoneuroimmunology, and epigenetics.

Neuro-Reset involves a set of inner attention and energy balancing skills that integrate and repair disorganized brain function.

The most obvious benefits of resolving shock, trauma, and stress induced neurological disorganization are:

Autonomic Nervous System Integration leading to pain reduction and symptom resolution

Increased Happiness

Enhanced Creative Expression

Improved Athletic & Artistic Performance

Improved Interpersonal Communication & Relationships

A more thorough discussion concerning the background and origins of Neuro-Reset Brain Integration can be found here.


In Office & Online Video Conferencing Options for Treatment


Local patients also receive Acupuncture and Acupressure treatments which are aimed at restoring brain balance that complement the inner practice of the Neuro-Reset skills.

Patients who live at a distance receive their Neuro-Reset training with Dr. Templin via live video conferencing.

In lieu of the hands-on acupuncture and acupressure, these patients receive instruction in self-directed Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques that often involve gentle point touching, holding, or tapping.

The daily home practice of the inner Neuro-Reset skills allows patients to respond more rapidly and take more self-responsibility for their healing.

What's of primary importance is that the ill effects of physical, emotional and chemical shock - chronic pain, tension, anxiety, depression, addiction, and illness - can be reversed by learning how to balance your own brain and autonomic nervous system to trigger self-healing.

In addition to the Neuro-Reset process, Acupuncture & Nutrition, Dr. Templin uses a computerized technology call the EmWave that allows the influence of the stress response on the nervous system to be assessed in real time.

We all have an inner capacity for healing and self-repair that's being validated by clinical experience and emerging science. Dr. Templin's goal is to provide the necessary information and tools to make self-healing a reality for you.


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More Supportive Information ... for the Curious Reader 


Acupuncture helps us to interrupt the stress cycle that so injurious to our health and well being. It supports brain integration and repair and supports the balancing of biochemistry and nervous system function to restore health and wellbeing. Specifically, acupuncture balances the autonomic nervous system and improves limbic brain function.

Most patients will begin with one acupuncture session weekly that serves as a jump start for their system-wide balancing and recovery. Then their self-regulation practices discussed below provide ongoing daily support.



Epigenetics or How You Control Your Genes


The newest biological science (epigenetics) shows that our genes respond to our inner environment. Essentially this means that our beliefs, emotions, and the food we eat influence the genes that control our health.

So, to a large degree we control the expression of our genes ... and our health. We're learning that our genes don't determine our destiny ... we do.

This cutting edge science changes our understanding of illness and just as importantly ... how to treat illness. 

No surgery, drug, supplement, or dietary approach alone will resolve a complex, stress-related, mindbody syndrome. 

A 2004 National Institutes of Health (NIH) meta-study involving 300 papers over a 30 year period concluded that 85% of all illness results from the disruptive influence of chronic stress.

Dr. Templin's unique combination of Acupuncture and Limbic Brain Reprogramming is a tested solution to this modern dilemma. His approach addresses the complex nature of MindBody Syndromes. 




Did you know that 95% of chronic pain has no physical root cause? 


Surprising, but true. Most often the source of chronic pain is the limbic brain and nervous system rather than structural injury, even when structural abnormalities are present on x-ray or MRI. The tension and low oxygen levels often associated with pain are directed by the limbic brain.

These conditions often respond favorably when the patient understands the stress-related and mindbody connection to illness and is presented with new tools (The Neuro Reset self-regulation training) for balancing their limbic brain, nervous and hormonal systems, and their emotional energy.

Stress induced disturbances of the Limbic system and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) can produce pain, inflammation, gland, and organ dysfunction that will only respond favorably by repatterning limbic brain function. Dr. Templin's comprehensive self-regulation program addresses that end.



NIH Study Confirms the MindBody Connection - Chronic stress is the primary cause of illness 


A 2004 National Institutes of Health meta-study involving 300 papers over a 30 year period concluded that 85% of all illness results from the disruptive influence of chronic stress.

This finding helps to explain why so many recalcitrant and chronic conditions respond favorably to a comprehensive mindbody approach when other approaches have failed.

Our bodies and brains are tangible and visible reflections of invisible emotional programming. All of the unfinished emotional experience that we've ignored or 'swept under the rug' triggers an ongoing unconscious stress response that drives the gene expression (epigenetics), limbic brain disruption, and glandular imbalances that undermine our health and well-being.

Emotions are biological signals. Positive emotions like love, care, and gratitude generate life enhancing biology. Ignored, unprocessed, or burried negative emotions like fear, guilt, or rage, fuel the symptoms of much illness.

The emotions generated in response to being ill, as well as the emotions triggered by upsetting medical diagnoses, can exacerbate current conditions and need to be addressed and resolved with appropriate self-regulation skills.

We can only treat pain and illness more effectively when we understand and treat its root cause with self-regulation skills.

The stress response causes a breakdown of limbic function and of the ANS, the organizer of the body's natural repair, immune, and maintenance functions, while at the same time fanning inflammatory fires across the body and brain. This process explains the genesis of most illness and pain.


More on Assessments  -  HeartMath & Acugraph


One tool used in Dr. Templin's office for objectively measuring the impact of the stress response on limbic functuion is the Heart Rate Variability assessment that can be seen below. The images below show positive changes in Heart Rate Variability that can be accomplished through coaching and practice.

Learning to improve heart rate variability is the key to reducing the stress response, fostering inner peace as well as improved physical health, emotional balance, and enhanced cognitive performance.

Learning to enhance heart rate variability is also the key to healing the Gut-Brain-Immune Axis. Then dietary, nutritional, and detoxification measures prove to be much more effective

The top image reflects a stressed state that is the norm for most individuals that over time contributes to the generation of illness and a loss of well-being. The image below reflects a more peaceful subjective state, the inhibition of the stress chemistry that's so injurious to health and well-being, and a balanced autonomic nervous system that's supportive of healing and wholeness on all levels.




The graph below shows the results of measuring the body's acupuncture meridian system. The acupuncture points respond to life's stressors much like circuit breakers respond to 'stress' or surges in your home's electrical system. This assessment helps to understand the degree to which the body is stressed and how to best restore balanced function.




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